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A home inspection is crucial for both buyers and sellers in the real estate process.

For buyers:
Understanding the Condition: A home inspection gives buyers a clear picture of the condition of the property they are interested in. It reveals any hidden issues or potential problems that may not be visible during a regular viewing.
Negotiation Power: Findings from a home inspection can provide leverage for negotiation. If there are significant issues discovered, buyers can request repairs or a price reduction to cover the costs of fixing them.
Peace of Mind: Knowing the condition of the home can give buyers peace of mind. They can proceed with the purchase confidently, knowing what they're getting into and what repairs, if any, are needed.

For sellers:
Disclosure: By getting a home inspection before listing, sellers can identify and address any issues upfront. This allows them to disclose any known problems to potential buyers, which can build trust and prevent surprises later in the process.
Pricing: A pre-listing inspection helps sellers accurately price their home. If there are issues discovered, they can either fix them beforehand or adjust the price accordingly, avoiding overpricing or negotiation disputes later on.
Faster Sales Process: Addressing any issues before listing can lead to a smoother and faster sales process. Buyers may be more inclined to make an offer on a home that has already been inspected, as it reduces the uncertainty and perceived risk.

Overall, a home inspection benefits both buyers and sellers by providing transparency, facilitating informed decisions, and potentially avoiding conflicts or surprises during the transaction.

Mike Holmes Inspection - Servicing Niagara - Ronnie Dass


Mike Holmes inspectors are highly skilled, trained inspectors working in the field, with many having an engineering or construction background. Improving the industry by providing a service that goes beyond the highest standards is what you should expect from a Mike Holmes inspection. Call Us Today 1-888-563-5699

Name: Ronnie Dass

Certified Since: January 2024

Certifications: Pre-purchase, Pre-Listing, Maintenance, Investigative, PDI, Thermography, Mold Sampling, Radon Testing

Ronnie joined Mike Holmes in February 2023 and attained franchise ownership and certification in January 2024. Before joining Mike Holmes, Ronnie accumulated over 24 years of experience in the construction industry and is currently a member of the Operating Engineers.

Service Area: Welland, Fort Erie, Ridgeway, Crystal Beach, Port Colborne, Fonthill, Dunnville, Niagara Falls

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Niagara Home Inspection - Servicing the Niagara Region - John Pieterse

 Niagara Home Inspection 905.658.7883

Experienced. Respected. Trusted.
SINCE 1996  John has helped many buyers purchase properties with confidence and peace of mind. He is respected and trusted by home buyers, REALTORS® and the local community. His knowledge and experience speaks for itself.

Niagara Home Inspection is based out of Welland and provides buyers with home inspections throughout the Niagara Region.

John Pieterse
Owner - Niagara Home Inspection
Raised in a construction environment as a second generation carpenter, John Pieterse has nearly 30 years of residential and commercial building experience.  After completing the Home Inspection course at Durham College in 1996, he was licensed by the Provincial Association of Certified Home Inspectors.  John has performed more than 10,000 home inspections since 1996.  He has a stellar reputation in the industry and he is referred by many REALTORS® in Niagara.

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